Drawing and color define my work.  Actually, edges and color contrasts are the building blocks of vision. Lines, edges, dark and light fill in the ‘where’ in our three dimensional world, while color and color contrasts specify the ‘what’.  These elements are my tools—.clues for sensing and for navigating in the space of the picture and personal internal space.

In the 1960s ,as a teenager in NYC,Jasper Johns' flag paintings moved me to be a painter. His representations spoke of the abstraction of shapes in culturally shared symbols: stars, stripes, waves. In this exhibit, the familiar shapes of 50 stars, wavy shapes and the Palace amusements evoke memory— communal and personal. I believe that internal sensing leads to our humane inclinations.

I've been trained as a colorist by the late architect, Michael Graves and as a courtroom sketch artist for television. My drawing of the World Trade Center striped facade is part of the Library of Congress collection after 9/11, called Witness and Response.  

My paintings have been included at the Brooklyn Waterfront Gallery, Cape Cod Museum of Art;  the Cato Institute in DC, Prince Street Gallery, NY; MFA Boston. My work is included in collections at the Library of Congress and Fidelity Investments.

I currently teach at Wentworth Institute's, School of Architecture and Design, Boston, MA.  I am fortunate to teach both Color and Freehand Drawing, subjects dear to my heart and my studio practice. My students are industrial or interior designers and it is my job to make them aware of the complex interactions of color as markers of spatial location.  In drawing I teach the basics of hand/eye perception in the interest of representation.